9- 12 Years Old

Epiphany’s youth group for kids 9-12 is BLAZE. The program is designed to provide a safe, fun and encouraging place where kids are able to: experience community at Epiphany; come to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them; and to explore their spiritual side and God’s presence in their life. It is essential that kids have an anchor in the Church during these ‘tween’ years—when they are so affected by secular culture through powerful media influences. Their future connect or disconnect to the Christian faith and their Catholic identity will be forged during these years.

The program runs weekly during the school year, meeting on Sundays from 2pm-4pm in the Parish Hall. Activities include outings to the planetarium, bowling, Dave and Busters, nature settings and other local attractions, ping pong tournaments, art projects, All Saints/Halloween/Advent/Christmas/Lent and Easter activities, compassion exercises, and theater acting.


For more information, CONTACT DEBBIE KEOGH