FAQ’s About Mass

The best occasion to meet us and share in our family is at our celebration of the Eucharist. You are so welcome! Come join us in worship, praise and fellowship in the Lord.

The word MASS comes from the Latin ”Missa”—which is always said at the end of the celebration. It means “go forth, sent out”. We attend Mass to renew our relationship with the Lord 1) in the Word, 2) in the Meal and 3) in our sisters and brothers. Then we are SENT OUT to share his love with everyone we meet!

You may be unfamiliar with our church, or Catholic churches in general. You may have some questions, like:

 I’m not Catholic. Can I still worship at Epiphany?

Yes, or course! We would love to share our faith with you. And if you have deeper questions after your visit, we are happy to speak to you about it!

What do I do with my kids during Mass?

We love kids—even crying ones! Your children are always welcome to join us at Mass. If they are really little and really squirmy, they can hang out in our narthex (entrance room) with you and play in the Kidz Corner while you are attending to the Mass. The 10am Mass is particularly focused on children and families. During that Mass, the young ones are invited for a special Liturgy of the Word in the parish hall, and then return for the rest of the Mass with their families. At the end of the Mass, all the children are called up to the altar to receive a special blessing. Once a month during the school year the 10AM Mass is hosted by elementary school children from Epiphany and the public schools.

 What do I wear to church?

Jesus welcomed people from all walks of life and in all manner of dress and so do we! Of course we encourage people to consider how we usually choose to dress for work or special celebrations that are considered important. But we’d love to have you join us however you can be with us!

What does it cost to attend Mass?

There is no charge to attend worship with us. If you choose to place an offering in the collection basket, we thank you for your generosity. We rely on responsible stewardship from our family members to keep the lights on (and the heat and air conditioning too!).

 Can I receive Holy Communion if I’m not Catholic?

Catholics understand communion as the real presence of the Lord, and not a symbol. If you have a different understanding, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing. To receive a blessing, come forward with your hand over your heart and we would be honored to pray over you with God’s blessing. 

 Which Mass should I attend?

We welcome everyone to join us in our worship, recognizing that we are all in different stages of our spiritual journeys. We believe that we need to acknowledge our dependence on God together as brothers and sisters

We have a variety of Masses, including:


8am & 12:10 Daily Masses: no music


8am Daily Mass: no music

4pm SATURDAY VIGIL MASS: a mixed crowd (cantor, varied music)


8am: for early risers (cantor, gentle traditional music)

10am: Family Mass (lively, contemporary music with Epiphany Community Chorus—combined adult and youth members)

12Noon: a mixed crowd (traditional music with professional Epiphany Schola Cantorum)

7:30pm: Young Adults Mass (lively contemporary music with Contemporary Ensemble)

Once a month we have a special young adults Mass and dinner in the parish hall! The Mass is intimate and everyone is encouraged to share in the prayer and reflection. The dinner is meant to introduce you to new friends and develop a community of young adults in our church.