The Welcome Ministry at Epiphany is an extension of the Altar, the table of the Lord.  The Ministry extends welcome and offers help to seekers and parishioners looking for a community of faith, looking for information, looking for the touch of the Body of Christ.

The Welcome Table is located in the Narthex (vestibule) of the church and is open on Saturdays from 3:30pm until 5:45pm; on Sundays from 7:30am until 1:45pm, and from 7pm until 8:45pm.  In a spirit of hospitality and community-building, the Table is a place were visitors can learn about parish life, register as a new parishioner, discover ministry opportunities, obtain Mass cards and tickets for upcoming parish events, and find materials about Archdiocesan, regional and national events relating to enrichment of our faith.

The Ministry at the Welcome Table is open to all—women, men, singles, couples, families, youth, young adults, and seniors. If you like to “meet and greet” and are looking for a way to help others learn more about our parish family—then this is the ministry for you!

Members of The Welcome Team:

~provide the ministry of hospitality to both members as well as visitors coming to worship at Epiphany. When we connect our hospitality with our story of being welcomed and embraced through the grace and love of Christ, it becomes more than just a technique. Hospitality embraces people with God’s heart of love, creating a warm and welcoming space where people feel at home, where strangers become friends and family.

Welcome Hosts are often one of the first people someone new to Epiphany may meet. It is important to come with a positive attitude and provide a smile and warm welcome to all those who arrive for worship.  Welcome Center Hosts should arrive at least 20 minutes before the worship service and typically stay in the Narthex or on the plaza until about 5 - 10 minutes after Mass begins to greet latecomers and make visitors feel welcome. Additionally Welcome Hosts will do the following:

1.    Serve as greeters in the Church Plaza, and in the Narthex, before each Mass;

2.     Serve as “prayer buddy “ for new parishioners (keeping new parishioners in the prayers of the welcome ministry volunteer);

3.     Staff the Welcome Desk – to answer questions and assist parishioners in the following:

a.     Registering new parishioners via computer;

b.     Registering for Announced Masses, Altar Bread and Wine Remembrances, and Sanctuary Lamp arrangements;

c.      Registering for Remembrance & Special Intentions;

d.     Providing Mass Cards;

4.     Selling tickets for Special Events;

5.     Assist in maintaining Church Plaza flowers and other outreach activities in the Plaza.


Skills Needed:

 ·      Desire to serve

·      Comfortability in meeting and greeting people

·      Dependability

·      Willingness to learn and keep up to date about parish ministries and organizations, procedures and resources in order to respond effectively to inquiries and requests for information



·      As often as desired, but at least once every 10 weeks

·      Service times will be scheduled by our online Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP)

·      If you are unable to serve at your scheduled date, MSP will help you find a sub



·      Comfortably, and in a manner that is respectful of your role as a representative of our family at Epiphany; use of a personal nametag is important!

For more information CONTACT Nancy Benedetto nancybenedetto24@gmail.com